Planned Gifts

"The mountains are calling and I must go." —-John Muir

Since earliest antiquity, people have marveled at the majesty and beauty of mountains. They are the places where earth reaches up toward the heavens, places where ancient gods dwelled and modern spirits soar. Generation after generation, they remain steadfast, immutable. Not so with things crafted by people; they require our constant care and stewardship. As you organize toward the future, we invite you to consider leaving a legacy on our mountain—that singular place where we were lucky enough to come of age. Your planned gift can help ensure that generations to come can have the same life-changing experience we did. It is worth reminding both current students and alumni that the school will outlast them, but what they do for Aiglon will continue to reverberate far into the future.

Planned gifts, including bequests, life-insurance policies, charitable gift annuities, and charitable lead trusts may benefit particular initiatives or such special purposes as the endowment, scholarships, or new facilities. Importantly, such instruments as charitable lead trusts also can be used to transfer assets to children or others—as well as Aiglon—at a significantly reduced tax liability. In fact, the tax savings from a charitable lead trust may allow you to provide significant support for Aiglon through the FOAC at little or no cost to heirs in terms of ultimate inheritance.

Please contact us with your questions. We would be delighted to talk with you about options and welcome you into that special group of committed friends of the school who, together, have helped secure Aiglon's future and thus John Corlette's unique place in the history of international experiential education.