The Friends of Aiglon College, Inc. (U.S.)
15 Roszel Road, P.O. Box 5910
Princeton, NJ  08543-5910
(609) 452-0990 Phone
(609) 452-1154 Fax

Stock Transfer Instructions

Stocks being donated may be transferred electronically from your broker as per your broker's specific instructions using the following coordinates:

UBS Financial Services, Inc.
DTC# 0221

Incoming Wires:
        UBS AG
        ABA: 026007993
        Beneficiary:  UBS Financial Services, Inc.
        Acct# 101-WA-258641-000
        Further Credit:    The Friends of Aiglon College, Inc.            Account#:  PT-22130-02

Physical Deliveries:    

Physical Securities Window
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
1000 Harbor Blvd., 6th Floor
Weehawken, NJ  07086

Please fax the following information concerning the stock transfer to Susan Alekhin at ISS at (609) 452-1154:

1.     Donor name & address,
2.    Type of security being transferred
3.     Number or shares being transferred
4.     Date of transfer
5.     Brokers Name or Name of Security Advisor handling the transfer

Contact Information for UBS:

Michael P. Gara
First Vice President – Investments
100 Overlook Center, Suite 400
Princeton, NJ  08540
Phone:  (609) 951-5611
Fax:  (855) 570-1645